【For entertainment】 Bamboo specialties with sashimi, tempura, white-grilled etc ... Harimako Confucius Course All 9 items 120 minutes Drinking attachment 8000 yen

6500 yen

All you can drink for 2 hours at plus 1500 yen.

Harima's Confucius, which is a bit different from Confucius which is generally on the market.Confucius grew up in the sea of ​​Harima and grew up to a fine taste thanks to its rich food.We use 300 grams or more among them, the so-called "helper helmet".Please enjoy the concert in the concert.


Frosted sauce made by forecourt stir-fry and Confucius

Three types of Confucius Confucius Sashimi

(Thin, baked frost, hot water)

Two kinds of seasonal vegetables with fried eggs tempura

Akashi-tei Specialty of Fish Shelf Fluffy Finish Steamed Casket

Three kinds of small pots with capricious stoppers

White of conger eel grilled

(Please roll with akaishi seaweed)

Yanagawa style of strongly Confucius and carefully selected eggs

Vinegared recipes and cucumber vinegared sauce

Rice dishes stick sushi

Sweet home-made thick pudding